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In the late 1800’s, the Koltiska family settled in Sheridan, Wyoming. Over 100 years later, you can find the fifth generation there. Through good times and bad, the Koltiska family has been known for two things: a lust for life and a fine liqueur, hand crafted, to be shared with friends and family in the celebration of life.

When you’re looking for a truly fine, smooth, spirit liqueur, one that carries the tradition and strength of the American West, choose Koltiska Original, KO 90, Vodka and Winter-mint Liqueur. Enjoy it as a shooter (a Cowboy tradition), on the rocks, in Moscow mules or as a fine mixer. Like the cowboys of the West, the entire line is a perfect blend of strong yet smooth.

 Kolts Fine Spirits started in 2001, by of course, the Koltiska family. Through devotion, perseverance, and just plain hard work, Koltiska Original Liqueur was launched. In 2006, Kolts Fine Spirits introduced KO 90, a higher proof liqueur and began distributing our products beyond Wyoming. 2016, Koltiska opened the distillery for tours, in addition to adding two new products – Vodka and Winter-Mint Liqueur. 

Launching 2018, Jason Koltiska and Justin Koltiska are continuing the tradition, introducing more new products in the upcoming year. It has been our goal to share our products with the world and will continue working hard to ensure that it will happen.

Jason & Justin Koltiska
Koltiska Distillery


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